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Currently available for the Johns Creek, Alpharetta and surrounding areas

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What is the Kids In Charge program?

The Kids In Charge is a 10-week program that is specifically designed to encourage kids to create, organize, and lead their play pods (teams). The program aims to bring back the joy of stress-free, kid-driven fun. Most importantly, we encourage kids to put away their screens, make new friends, and experience the thrill of playing outdoors.

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Sports & Schedule

  • We believe in multi-sport play! Kids will play three Pickup Sports Field Sports: Softpitch, Goal & Touchdown which are Pickup Sports versions of Baseball/Softball, Soccer & Flag Football
  • Rotate between all 3 sports to encourage multi-sport play
  • Option to challenge other play pods to play a sport
  • Flexible scheduling to let you play for fun even during your busy schedules

Key Features

The 10-week program helps kids build their confidence and leadership through creating their play groups and building their kid community.

Less Screen Time

Kids break free from screens and reconnect with the great outdoors.

Win Awesome Prizes

Learn the importance of team spirit and have the chance to win prizes.

Build Community

Rally friends and neighbors and play outdoors every week.

Stress-Free Play

Enjoy sports in a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere.

Skill Growth

Learn essential leadership skills in a supportive environment.

Lead by Play

Kids lead by forming and guiding their own pods

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Who Is Pickup Sports For?

At Pickup Sports, we believe that sports for kids should be all about fun and we understand that parenting feels like a rollercoaster.  Pickup Sports for is for you if:


Your Kid's Schedule is a Puzzle

If you're constantly piecing together schedules like a jigsaw puzzle, we're here to provide the missing pieces and simplify your life.


Your Wallet Could Use a Break

Raising kids can at times feel like watching your savings plummet faster than a bungee jump. We offer budget-friendly, affordable fun for your family.


You Know Every Kid is Different

Not every child is destined for the Hall of Fame, and that's perfectly fine. We celebrate every skill level, from rookies to potential all-stars.


You Value Family Time (and Sleep!)

We want to maximize family time and minimize chaos, and to make it possible for you to cherish precious memories without juggling through committments. 


Laughter is Your Jam

Parenthood is a rollercoaster of funny and touching moments. We're all about adding more laughter and joy to your family's life, both on and off the field.


You want to Empower Your Kids

We believe in empowering kids to take charge of their sports experience, and flourishing in a stress-free and no-pressure environment.

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Win Awesome Prizes!

In our Pickup Sports Rewards Store, kids take charge! Players can earn exciting prizes based on the points they accumulate from completing challenges, hosting play groups and learning all about leadership. They get to choose their rewards as a team pod from a selection of cool items: from fidget gadgets, sports equipment, Prime drinks or even team pizza parties and tickets to local trampoline parks.


3000 Points


250 Points


875 Points

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