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  • 10-Week Journey: The program spans 10 weeks, focusing on building confidence and leadership in kids aged 8-14.
  • Virtual Leadership Workshops: Attend engaging virtual 30-minute workshops designed to enhance leadership skills.
  • Kids Take the Lead: Your child will have the opportunity to take charge by creating their own playgroups within the neighborhood.
  • Rally Friends and Neighbors:  Encourage your child to rally friends and neighbors to join in the fun.
  • Sports Play Every Week: Your child will engage in weekly sports play with their friends and other kids, bringing back the joy of outdoor neighborhood sports.
  • Friendly Competition: Complete challenges and compete against other neighborhood teams for a thrilling experience.
  • Be the MVP of Fun: Participants have the chance to win fantastic prizes based on their active engagement and points earned throughout the program.

Take Charge, Earn Points, Unlock Prizes!

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Points Accumulation

Throughout the 10-week program, kids will earn points by actively participating in workshops, creating playgroups, rallying friends, playing sports, completing challenges, and more.

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Exciting Prizes

Our range of prizes caters to diverse interests and preferences, ensuring there's something for everyone. The more points you earn, the higher the badge you achieve, and the more fabulous your prize becomes!

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Kids In Charge Leadership Program

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