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Our mission

is to empower parents to provide
healthy and fun early sports experiences for kids

Our Model

Our Model


Based in Research Expert Opinion

As a sports medicine physician, our Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Neeru Jayanthi has treated and researched young athletes and their training patterns for more than 15 years.

The Pickup Sports team surveyed more than 500 parents and found many positive associations of sports activities in young children. However, each child may have a different goal, and each family may want something different in the long-term from sports. There are some whom want to develop elite level skills and develop a competitive athlete. There are many whom want less competitive environments that still create opportunities for fun physical activity, friendships, confidence, and character-building. There are still other families whom have little relationship with sports and may feel disengaged, disinterested or discouraged. This last group may still want the best for their child, and have some longer term goals of physical activity that can be accomplished through some level of sport participation.

Our model begins with assessing your child, providing customized goals and fun activities to reach them, and ultimately providing guidance on sampling multiple sports in a fun way.


Our Story

Our Story

Pickup Sports was inspired by a simple text message asking the question “hey, what sport should I start my 5-year old with?” which prompted the response “just go play!”

It’s so simple yet it’s forgotten in our super competitive, over-booked culture: Parents ultimately are the strongest influencers on children’s physical activity and sports experiences. In order to develop long-term active adults, it starts with healthy experiences at home from a young age.

The simple text message turned into an idea. Getting kids to play sports shouldn’t be hard – what if there was a way to make it easy?