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Currently available for the Johns Creek, Alpharetta and surrounding areas

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What is the Pickup & Play program?

This is an exciting program where elementary school kids (ages 7-11) can form play pods (teams) with siblings and friends or sign up individually to join another pod. Each play pod gets assigned a high school athlete mentor (an "OG" -- "Organizer of Games") who guides them through the summer to play for fun and challenge other play pods to games, ending in a championship.
Times and location are flexible! Your OG will create practice times and coordinate games based on everyone's availability so that it's easy to fit with summer schedules. 

Who: Elementary school kids (ages 7-11)
What Sports: Soccer, baseball, flag football, basketball, and tennis
When: June 1st - Aug 23rd (Skips July 4th week).
Play on your schedule! Your OG coordinates and arranges play times based on everyone's availability.
Why: Fun, stress-free play! Develop teamwork, leadership, and sports skills with friendly challenges,
pop-up games, and a championship event!

Who is an OG?

OGs are "Organizers of Games" -  awesome high school athletes who are passionate about sports and leadership! They'll be your team's guide and cheerleader throughout the summer, helping you plan your play dates, learn new skills, and have tons of fun!


Sports & Schedule

  • We believe in multi-sport play! Kids will play three Pickup Sports Field Sports: Softpitch, Goal & Touchdown which are Pickup Sports versions of Baseball/Softball, Soccer & Flag Football as well as Basketball and Tennis!
  • Rotate between all sports to encourage multi-sport play
  • Option to challenge other play pods for friendly competition
  • Flexible scheduling to let you play for fun even during your busy schedules
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Got questions about the program? We're here to help!

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Win Awesome Prizes!

In our Pickup Sports Rewards Store, kids take charge! Players can earn exciting prizes based on the points they accumulate from completing challenges, hosting play groups and learning all about leadership. They get to choose their rewards as a team pod from a selection of cool items: from fidget gadgets, sports equipment, Prime drinks or even team pizza parties and tickets to local trampoline parks.


3000 Points


250 Points


875 Points

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