John's Creek Families Embrace the Fun
A New Pickup Baseball Game Called "Softpitch"
Fall 2023 Season

Welcome to the exciting world of Softpitch Baseball making it playable for all children using short fields, smaller teams, and a safer environment so any kid of any level can play! Play with your friends, form a team and meet new kids of all levels.

Get ready for an unforgettable Fall 2023 season of fun-filled pickup games like no other. Our innovative League of Your Own brings together kids aged 7-11 for a laid-back, non-competitive, and thrilling experience on the field.

How it Works

Unleash the Playful Spirit

John's Creek Kids, say goodbye to conventional sports and embrace the excitement of our unique games.

Welcome to Softpitch, where epic throws and catches take center stage!

Fall 2023 League Of Your Own (Softpitch) Registration

For a nominal fee of $30 per child, the young athletes will receive an all-inclusive package, ensuring a fantastic Softpitch Baseball experience! This cost covers the essentials, such as a stylish reversible jersey for both home and away games, necessary equipment provided to your dedicated Organizer of Games (OG) (your parent leader), and exciting end-of-season prizes for all our young sports stars.

 Additionally, the fee goes towards organizing the games, guaranteeing a seamless and delightful season for your kids. Join us now and secure your child's spot for a season of playful sports and unforgettable memories!

Get in the Game

With the Pickup Sports app, busy parents can effortlessly manage their kids' sports schedules and connect with nearby play groups, unlocking a world of active, engaging, and unconventional sports experiences!

Join the Revolution of Playful Sports - League of Your Own, Where Fun Rules Supreme!

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