Summer made easy with Pickup Sports

Keep your kids active and engaged this summer with our free app for organizing pickup games. Create or join a league of your own and watch your kids have fun competing with other kids in the neighborhood.

Organize Fun, Active Play for Your Kids This Summer with Pickup Sports.

No more getting bored or endless video games this summer. With Pickup Sports, you can easily create and organize pickup games and leagues for your kids and their friends, promoting physical activity and healthy competition in a safe, neighborhood setting. Plus, it's all completely free with our user-friendly app.

Now Available in Georgia - Johns Creek, Alpharetta area

How it Works

Create unforgettable memories



Set up your own practice schedules, create a routine that is convenient for you and your family. Join your neighborhood play pods, play a new sport for fun every time.



Most Pickup Sports games will be 4 on 4 BUT our games have flexibility and even 3-5 kids can play! We hope this makes it easy for siblings and friends of different ages to play together!



Join our welcome Zoom calls (details once you sign up), or reach out to our founder, Lakshmi via email if you have any questions :)


Below is our recommendation of how this season will flow. You have the flexibility to set your practices however works best for your team! 

Weeks 1-2
June 16 - June 30
Practice Soccer 1-2 Times
Compete in 1 Soccer challenge against another team
Weeks 3-4
June 30 - July 14
Practice Baseball 1-2 Times
Compete in 1 Baseball challenge against another team
Weeks 5-6
July 14 - July 28
Practice Flag Football 1-2 Times
Compete in 1 Flag Football Challenge against another team

Our Games Are Different

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