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Baseball and Softball Kit + Free Virtual Coaching
From Sale price $45 +
Explore the basics of baseball/softball and learn about America's pastime! A tee-ball set alone can only go so far. An entire learning system is what can keep your child engaged and having fun! This kit is perfect for ages 3-6. 
What's included: 
  • Follow our game cards and use the equipment to start playing baseball!
  • Equipment includes age-appropriate bat, mitt, ball, bases (poly dots) and other surprises!
  • Join America's pastime by reading our activity book, learning Baseball traditions and playing with the surprises!

Each game will help develop your child's Baseball MOBO:
  • Running
  • Jumping
  • Balancing
  • Leaping
  • Throwing
  • Catching
  • Striking

Kids Baseball Toys to Shape A Healthy Tomorrow

In the competitive world, when everything is fast-paced, children need to be much more than active. They need to be an all-rounder! Ensure that your kid blossoms into their beautiful selves with kids Baseball toys that foster their overall well-being.

Take small steps to shape the stance of your tiny tot and make their fitness regime sorted! Our fun Baseball equipment ascertains that your child has all that’s needed! Ensure proper physical growth for your kid every time they jump, throw or catch while playing one of America’s favorite sport-Baseball.

At Pickup Sports, we understand kids. When you unpack our kit right in front of them, you’ll be delighted to see how they get mesmerized by our softball toys and surprises!

Fun+Health=Our Baseball Toys for Kids

For parents who like nothing but the best for their little ones, our Baseball toys will be perfect for your kids! At Pickup Sports, we love children and do all that it takes to help them come out in flying colors.

Our toys are made using premium quality material to ensure that your child has a firm grip on the bat. The soft mitt is specially created to help them get a firm hold on ‘things’ in their life. The poly dot bases create small targets for the budding minds and encourage them to focus.

Take their excitement a notch higher with our activity book that helps to educate them about Baseball traditions. See their innocent smile brightening with our surprises! Our game cards will add to their excitement and make them wait for their Baseball time! The cherry on the cake is, you don’t realize that your child learns so much while having fun!

Playing a sport for one day is one thing. Showing dedication for it is an altogether different thing. With our all-inclusive Baseball kit, you can enhance the endurance of your kids and ensure that your child is ready to face everything that life puts in front of them. Make sure your child is prepared to look at the world right in the eye and open the doors to a world of opportunities.

Express Unconditional Love for Your Child with Baseball Toys

Develop the hand-eye coordination skills of your tiny tot right from their formative years and make Baseball much more than a pastime for your kids. If you want to spark your child’s interest in sports, this sport will be a great way!

Our kids' Baseball toys, not only create a potential future sportsperson but improve their overall concentration by helping them improve their hand-eye coordination. Additionally, when you invest in sports toys for kids, you aid in the proper development of their right and left brain. A softball for your child is a gift of health.

At Pickup Sports, our high-quality equipment ensures that when your child leaps ahead for their future, nothing holds them back! Raise the expectations’ bar and redefine quality with our sports equipment for kids.

Get some quality time with your little ones and see them smile with their eyes. When you choose Pickup Sports to buy basketball toys for your children, you get much more than toys. You get a way to create loads of laughter, strengthen bonds and create the happiness that you will cherish even when your little one grows into an active adult.

Flag Football Kit + Live Virtual Sports Skills Classes
From Sale price $45 +

Want to introduce flag football to your child in a FUN, safe, and developmentally appropriate way?

Developed by world-class experts in sports medicine, our flag football kit offers a way for parents to nurture motor skills development and bonding through sports.

With NO guesswork…And tons of FUN!

Included in your flag football kit:

  • An age appropriate football ready for touchdowns! (And less worry about the appropriate sizing!)
  • 2 sets of flags for the big parent and child (or sibling) game
  • 2 agility cones for motor control development
  • 1 set of Pom Poms to cheer on your favorite little athlete
  • A set of temporary tattoos with positive expressions
  • A whistle
  • Color coded skill cards for easy teaching and skill advancement for each level of development
  • Coloring books to further the learning experience…
  • And a drawstring back to conveniently carry the entire kit to your favorite place!

And best of all?

For a limited time, all kits come with free online weekly coaching sessions!

Each week, coach Ted will lead your child through a series of fun and inspiring challenges.

These super fun coaching sessions involve music, challenges, and parent child games.

We’re certain your child will love them. And you’ll love Coach Ted, too!

He’s coached kids at all levels, and even some NFL athletes!

Watch your child gleam with joy and confidence as they learn more fun ways to show off their new skills!

    Basketball Starter Kit + Free Virtual Coaching
    From Sale price $45 +

    Wanna be a baller? Shot caller? Dribble your way to this popular sport! This kit is perfect for ages 3-6. 

    What's included:
    • Follow our game cards and use the equipment to start playing basketball!
    • Equipment includes two age-appropriate level-based balls, cones, marker spots and other surprises! 
    • Through our activity book and fun surprises, learn different types of shots, the basic rules and why people love watching this fast and exciting sport!

    Each game will help develop your child's Basketball MOBO.

    • Running
    • Jumping
    • Leaping
    • Throwing
    • Catching
    • Dribbling
    Basketball  Set for Toddlers to Open the Doors to a Healthy Life

    As a parent, we all want what is best for our children. Encourage an active lifestyle for your toddler right from their formative years to ensure their proper physical and mental growth. Give the gift of healthy sports experiences to your tiny tot- the best gift you can gift them as a parent with our unique basketball set for toddlers.

    A healthy life is a happy life. Create a strong foundation for a healthy life in a fun and interactive way by developing your child’s interest in basketball. In a competitive time when kids are expected to be an all-rounder, our basketball set for toddlers will go a long way in developing basic motor control and ball control skills as well as developing their interest and love for basketball.


    Unique BasketBall Set to Bring Out the Best in Your Toddler

    If you have trouble imagining how your little one will play basketball, you don’t need to worry the slightest. Our sports toy sets are specially designed to bring out the best in toddlers.

    The basketball set for toddlers comes with game cards that add an all-new twist to the game. Make this sport fun for your little one by giving them a task and enjoy watching how your toddler streamlines all their energy to complete it. You will experience the joy of seeing your child’s concentration and skills grow step by step each day.

    Organize the dots you get with the set in different ways and ask your toddler to dribble across them in a zigzag manner without touching them. Alternatively, ask your child to place them in their own way to unlock their creativity. You will be surprised to see how they come up with new ideas every day.

    Once you feel that your child is having a great time enjoying the game, you can have fun with the marker spots to enhance the difficulty level as per the unique needs of your toddler. Make it easier for them to learn different types of shots with the help of our activity books to make them a pro in the sport. After all, who knows they could be the next Michael Jordon!


    Nurture a Strong Relationship with your Child with Basketball

    Parents who spend time playing with their children have a stronger bond with them. This is because it gives both of them a chance to connect at a deeper level. Nurture your child’s interest in sports and create moments of laughter and enjoyment with this basketball assortment.

    When you buy our amazing basketball set, its distinctive elements add a twist of excitement to the game. With a single ball, you can teach your toddler to dribble, jump, catch and coordinate. With our detailed instructions, for parents – no experience is necessary! With this, you don’t need to worry that your child will get bored with the sport, unlike their other toys. The best part is your kid can easily play with this basketball kit in your yard, driveway or indoors.

    We love kids as much as you do. Our sets are created, keeping the safety of kids in mind and have been developed by experts in sports medicine. Our sport kit and games are designed for toddlers (kids age 3-6). Let your child loose with this sports set and see the wonders of this little game in shaping a sharp mind.

    When you buy a basketball set your toddlers from Pickup Sports, you don’t just buy a sports toy for your kid but open a world of possibilities, imagination and skills for them. We love kids with all our heart. Besides the equipment, we offer several surprises to make the smile of your loved ones a lot brighter!