Week 1 of Home Games for kids age 3-6

With many kids suddenly at home, we know that the next few weeks are going to be a challenge. We love our community and want to help! We've decided to share our starter MOBO curriculum (motor control and ball control) for kids age 3-6.  These games are a great way to keep kids working on their physical literacy while staying active and having fun! Typically this curriculum is included in our sports starter kits, but will now be available for digital download for free. 

For week 1, we'll be working on: 



Here's a list of supplies you will need. If you don't have these at home, we have some links below. We have also listed alternates so you can get creative with items you already have at home! 

  • Foam or soft balls
  • Beach ball or Inflatable Ball or Balloons
  • Playground ball or Basketball (a ball that bounces)
  • Spot markers (Dots or towels)
  • Cones (paper cups or bottles)
  • Stick (plastic hockey stick or tennis racket or baseball bat or broom/mop)

The digital download below has 9 different game cards for these three "MOBO's" 

Each game card comes with a fun warm up game, then 3 different levels of playing the game (easy, medium, hard).  

The best way to work through it is to start with yellow cards (which are the easiest), then blue, then pink. If your child is already doing well and starting out at Pink level, reach out to us via our chat window and we can share with you ways to make it more challenging. 

 Download Week One Games


Links to Supplies

Pickup Sports Starter Kits

Foam Balls

Basketball for young kids (size 3)

Spot Markers


We will update you with more games soon! Hang in there!  

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