Top 7 Indoor Activities for Kids During Holiday Break

The holidays are upon us. It’s time for school break and the kids are home. It’s too cold for the kids to play outside. It can be hard to find healthy ways to keep the kids entertained and active. They have a lot of pent up energy and need an outlet. We’ve compiled a list of the top indoor activities for kids that they will have a blast doing.

1. Create a scavenger hunt

Little ones love scavenger hunts that are one of the top indoor activities for kids. Nothing is more thrilling than setting out on a quest to seek out special objects faster than the rest to earn an awesome prize! It’s simple to put together. Write out or print out a list of objects that you’ve hidden around the house and let the kids set out to find them. You can give them a brown paper bag or grocery bag to collect the items. Whoever finds them all first wins!

2. Sing-a-longs and dance parties   

Don’t have a karaoke machine? No problem! You can cast Youtube to the TV to play some favorite music videos and let the kids perform for the adults. Get your cameras ready. Everyone is sure to enjoy!

3. Workout videos   

Did you know there are a ton of free workout videos online made just for kids? Just search “kids yoga videos” or “kids cardio workout videos” and you will have a ton of options. Children will enjoy following along with the kids on the screen. This is a fun way to sneak in some legit exercise.

4. Make an obstacle course  

Use items around the house to set up an obstacle course and make it a fun competition to see which kid can get through it in the fastest time. This is a sure-fire way to get those heart rates up and is the best amongst the top indoor activities for your little ones

5. Have a sack race    

You can purchase sacks from most party supply websites or just use pillowcases. Make a finish line out of something easy like toilet paper. Then line the kids up and watch them hop, hop, hop over the finish line! They will want to re-match over and over again.

6. Hula hoops   

Hula hoops are an inexpensive option that requires no prep or clean-up. Who can keep hooping the longest? Practice makes perfect... let the kids battle it out for the best hula hooper award!

7. Balloon Volleyball    

This one always ends up happening at parties with balloon decorations. Kids love balloons. The game of balloon volleyball is to work together to bop the balloon around to one another and not let it land on the floor. It can get challenging. This is a great way to keep kids engaged and moving around.

You may even want to consider incorporating some of these into the family festivities this holiday season when all the friends and family gather together. The more the merrier. 

Do you have any other ideas for the top indoor activities for kids? Let us know in the comments below!

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