Super Bowl 54 Activities for Young Kids

49ers or Chiefs?

It probably goes without saying that the biggest sporting event in America every winter is the Super Bowl. It's one of the few days that bands of a sport as well as those who were just there for the party get together, hang out, and watch football. Or maybe just the commercials!

If you have young kids around, you may be excited about the game, but they probably have no clue! Super bowl is a great experience to share with your kids but it can be challenging if you have little ones who are either not too sure what is going on or simply not as interested as others. We've come up with a few things that you can do on game day to make sure everyone has a good time before and after halftime.

1. Start with playing flag football 

On the big game day, start by getting their energy out with flag football! Our flag football kit makes it super easy for you to introduce them to the sport, with games and instructions. The pom poms and stickers will come in handy later too! And best of all, adults will get a little exercise before chowing down on your evening spread!

 2. Explain the basics

All kids are eager to learn, which makes Super Bowl one of the best times to teach the basics of football. Take the time to explain some of the positions to them and some basic rules for how the game works. There's no better time to learn then when there is a live example in front of you. By helping to explain what exactly is happening on the field and which people play which positions, you can have them engaged in the game while still getting a chance to watch at your own self.


If you need something to give your kids a little extra help, you can get our free download via email that breaks down each of the individual positions and tells them how they play together on the field. This can be a great supplement and give them something to look at during the downtimes between plays. The download is also great because it also breaks down the different hand signals that referees use throughout the game. You can turn it into a little learning moment by asking them what they think is happening after you give them a crash course in football. 

3. Coloring sheets

If you have viewers with you who are a little bit young for having the game explained play by play, a good old fashion coloring sheet could be just what you need to keep them occupied throughout the game. If there are a lot of kids present, you could even have a coloring competition to see who produces the best piece of artwork by halftime or by the end of the game. In our free downloadable that you can get via email, you'll find several different coloring sheet options that coincide with this year's game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. There are mascot pictures as well as outlines of each teams helmet. These are great to have on hand especially during quiet moments, or even when the game is picking up a little bit.




4. Pin the Football to the Field Goal 

If you find your little ones getting a little bit rambunctious or even hyper, it may be great to get them engaged in a completely different game. Super Bowl “Pin the Football to the Field Goal” may be just the thing you need to try. This is a great little game that involves very little preparation ahead of time. You simply make a football field goal out of painters tape on a wall, cut out a few footballs out of construction paper, find a blindfold and then you're ready to play!

The aim of the game is simple: whoever gets their football in the middle of the field goal wins the game. It could even be great to have prizes available for each of the kids who manages to pin the football between the posts of the field goal. If they've got extra wiggles to get out, or simply losing interest in the game, this is a great way to help get some energy out. This game would probably best be played during halftime or could even be played in little spurts during commercial breaks. The great thing about it is it could be played either for a long time or broken up into several little rounds. There's quite a few ways to customize it to make sure it fits your function and your gathering of people!

If you want to add some ball control skills, have them take a soft ball and see if they can aim and throw it into the goal!

Super Bowl Sunday is a time honored tradition in many American households, and for many kids it inspires an interest in sports. By helping everybody to have a great time, we are also helping you to create great memories. Giving any of these activities a shot could just mean you have the greatest Super Bowl party of all time, one that your friends and hopefully their kids will talk about four Super Bowls to come. No matter what age we are, or what stage of life we are in we all like to get together and have a good time. Even more than that, we love to gather and play, and that's why we feel Super Bowl Sunday represents what our company does.

Let us know in the comments below about your favorite super bowl activities with kids!  

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