Sports-Themed Healthy Snacks for Your Kids

What's more fun than watching your kids play their favorite sport? Watching them eat healthy snacks that are themed with the game! These snack recipes will have your kids energized for all their games, practices, and matches. They're easy to make too- most are just a few ingredients mixed together. When you get home from your next big event, whip up one of these tasty treats and watch the smiles light up on everyone's face!

Basketball Clementines

Got a little basketball player? This is probably one of the easiest little snacks that definitely makes them smile! Just take a marker and draw on those Clementines!

March Madness Basketball Party Table - Revel and Glitter


Kids love Guacamole and Hummus! Combine the two with this recipe from BruCrew Life that gives a unique texture! This can work with any type of little athlete you have. 

Guacamole Hummus with Football Chip- combining hummus and spicy guacamole makes a delicious appetizer. Perfect dip and chip recipe for game day parties!

Football Zucchini Fritters

Got a Flag-Football player around? This recipe for football-shaped Zucchini fritters from Hungry Happenings is a bit more work, but worth the time! Delicious way to get those veggies in them!

Zucchini fritters shaped like footballs decorated with Greek yogurt laces.

Tennis Green Smoothie

Let's keep those veggies in your Tennis players with a Green Smoothie that looks matches those Tennis balls!

28,464 Tennis Racquet Stock Photos and Images - 123RF

There are a ton of recipes for green smoothies out there, but we recommend to keep it simple! A little nut or dairy milk or yogurt, banana, mango or pineapple and spinach and some cucumber. Add some protein powder if your kids will drink it. (some find it too chalky tasting). 

Sprouting Wild Ones gives some great tips for green smoothies for kids. 

Baseball Donut Kabobs

For those little sluggers, check out these donut kabobs from Creative Mom 101. They're a perfect mix of store-bought with some home touches. 

baseball team snack idea for kids

Field of Guacamole

This Field of Guacamole can work for Football or Soccer and is what dreams are made of. So cute! Get details at The Produce Moms. 

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