How To Improve Your Child's Balance


How to improve your child's balance

It’s no secret that a strong sense of balance is important for kids. Balancing on one foot or walking a tightrope might seem like fun challenges for adults, but to kids they’re essential skills for everyday life. Whether your child is just starting to learn how to balance or needs some help improving their balance, these tips will help.

BALANCING is such an important skill to help kids learn to control their body and have better experiences on the playground and in sports. With the right training, even the goofiest kids can improve their balance and coordination and have so much fun doing it.

For the littlest kids, start with just balancing on one foot. Then have them balance with their eyes closed before moving on to walking sidewalk raises or walking on unstable surfaces. Games like wheelbarrow walks and hopscotch are also great balance builders!

Did you know that strengthening core muscles help with balance too? It helps kids build strength in stability.

Time your child while they balance on one leg ... see if they can aim to balance for longer than 20 seconds on his or her foot.

What is the age at which your child should be able to walk straight and balance on one foot?

Between the ages of 3 – 4 years, your toddler should be able to walk on a line and balance on one foot for 5 – 10 seconds.

Surfs up!

Choose a stable and slender surface, like wood boards that can be extended to occupy a wider position. Put cylinders underneath the vases like tennis balls and empty shampoo bottles and encourage your baby to hold feet slightly bigger than hips. Try and balance the board in the same direction. Add some tropical songs to make it fun. When tykes learn something you have fun doing it you can start a new adventure. Challenge them with frozen dancing or if the feet are closer together.

Indoor Hopscotch

It's a very popular balance game for young kids. Tape to create 9 squares for the HopScotch course at the bottom with coins or stones. The first player throws a coin on one of two squares and will not touch any lines. In the event the pair gets the chance the square gets the ball in its way until the box reaches. When returned, the player picks a coin. The game continues as long as your turn ends.

Standing on one foot

Sounds simple enough, but standing on one foot does not always come easily for kids even though it is an essential part of physical development. If your child has problems standing at the foot, play near the wall to hold on to the support. Challenge the kid to sit more on the walls when playing, and let them stick tape on their hand to keep track. It will be too late when your kids will have no need to use a wall. Show your best stance in the contest to find out which foot is longest!

Stand on a Balance Board

Balance board is difficult for people of all ages to use long. Your daughter may be on the board as many times as you wish. Soon you may see your little one staying longer. It is essential that children keep exercise enjoyable and help increase their balance. The more he enjoys themselves the more he will be doing it. How do you build esteem for young athletes?

Yoga time

Yoga is a great way of improving your child's strength and balance. Try simple poses such as trees, cats and cows, airplanes, mountain poses, downward dogs and forward bends. Yoga exercises are meant for toddlers and can help with balance, self-care and physical awareness. Check out Cosmic Kids Yoga for some great Yoga ideas to improve balance.

Ladder Bridge

Get a sturdy ladder, especially wooden, and put pillows on each end so that a ladder sits horizontally just a centimeter or inches below the surface. Challenge your child to climb on a ladder and balance with the steps. As children learn to walk, you can lift the ladder to different heights for more difficult tasks.

Stand on a Bosu Ball

Bosu Ball is widely used as part of adult physical exercise and is also good for kids. These can truly help kids develop some body awareness. Keep your children seated in the ball as often as you can. After mastering this, rotate the Bosu ball upside down to place it onto the sand of the ball. Have them try standing on one foot then slowly try switching feet. To make it even more challenging, slowly throw them a ball while they are balancing and see if they can catch it.

Tightrope Walking

Most of us don't have a balance beam at home, but there are things we can easily use around the house. Use a jump rope, chalk or strings to create a line to imitate a balance beam in which your child has to move, step by step with his heel in front of a toe. Add toys at each point to challenge them to walk backward. Give your child medals to prove you were professional gymnasts!


Play your kids music and enjoy dancing! When you stop the music they have to freeze and stand on one foot! The change in your body movement will cause your children to develop more balance and strength.

If you want to help improve your child’s balance, we suggest trying out a Pickup Sports box. We have a variety of boxes that target different skills and abilities, so there is something for everyone. Our boxes are designed to be fun and engaging, so your child will enjoy learning while they play. Plus, our boxes come with an instructional guide that outlines the exercises and games in each box. So what are you waiting for? Check out our website today and get your child started on the path to better balance!

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