How Do You Teach a Child to Throw?

Throwing is fundamental to a multitude of sports and activities. If kids can throw reasonably well, they can participate in everything from frisbee and football to teeball and tennis. As this funny KidSport video shows, knowing how to throw could even save someone’s life!


Like most skills, throwing is not something kids are simply “born good at.” They have to learn, and play that provides plenty of repetitions is the best teacher. At the outset, a little instruction in basic technique helps, too. But in our experience with young kids, it takes many reminders over a long period of time before it comes naturally. Using "step & throw" words as reminders as noted below is a great way to remind them when you see them throwing incorrectly. 

In order to teach your child, first find a space where they feel comfortable and safe. Next, set up some targets or objects for them so they don't have to worry about hurting anyone else - this will make it easier for them too because if they miss the target it won't be an issue. 

  • The simplest step that young kids can remember is to "Step & Throw" -- step with the opposite foot you are holding the ball with and then throw
  • Encourage them to bring the ball up to their ear before throwing (so their arm is in a 90 degree angle)
  • Throwing at a target involves shifting your body weight. The easiest way to teach a child to do this is to tell them to point to their target using their non-throwing hand (which automatically makes them shift their weight)

The instructions in our sports starter kits come with all sorts of games that help young kids develop basic Motor control and Ball control skills (MOBO) just like this one, that will help your child improve skills! 

Remember to always make any instruction fun! When kids have fun and feel like they're playing a game, they are more likely to want to play along and get it right. 

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