Easy Warm Apple Cider For Kids

There's so much to love about the Fall with cool weather, sweaters and cozy nights. Introducing your kids to warm apple cider is a great way to have them try something new by combining tastes they love but adding some new flavors. 

Check out this Easy Apple Cider Recipe that's perfect for kids to help you with on cool Fall nights!


  • 1 64oz bottle of Apple Juice (100% juice)
  • 3 cinnamon sticks (plus additional for garnish)
  • 2 whole oranges, peel included
  • 10 cloves
  • Whipped Cream (optional)


  1. Wash oranges with peels on in cold water and chop into fourths
  2. Add cinnamon sticks, oranges, cloves and Apple Juicy Juice 100% juice in a saucepan or slow cooker
  3. Simmer over low heat for ten minutes, never letting the mixture boil
  4. Remove oranges and allow cider to cool for 5 minutes
  5. Serve in a mug with a cinnamon stick and whipped cream for garnish
  6. Pour the remaining cider in a pitcher and store in the refrigerator for later

Hope you enjoy this delicious and cozy little activity with your kids!

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