Celebrate the MLB All-Star Game With Your Kids

Summer is here and that means Baseball season for so many! This week we had the 2021 Mid-Summer Classic All-Star game in Denver plus so many more Major League games to come. A lot of young kids have a tough time following Baseball while they're watching it. Yes, it can get boring if you don't understand what's going on. But it's the atmosphere of baseball that they learn to love! Once they love the atmosphere, they'll pick up on the details of the sport as they get older. Nothing beats summer night baseball traditions of hot dogs, singing at the 7th inning stretch, and cracker jacks!
Getting your kids excited about baseball is a great way to inspire them to get off devices and PLAY baseball. To get your kids more interested, we've gathered some fun tips below: 

Kids Baseball Books!

Bedtime reading is a great way to introduce baseball in the form of stories that kids relate to. We have several sports book recommendations linked here but the ones that stand out are "Babe Ruth Saves Baseball" and "The Funniest Man in Baseball."  

Start Trading Cards!

Baseball cards are a long-held tradition and actually are coming back to be worth something! (at least some of them are). Dig out your old cards or get a few packs for the kids of your players from your local city team. They may not be able to understand the stats or even read their names, but for some reason, kids love getting and collecting things! Over time, they'll start picking up on players names and start becoming fans. 

Teach them the Basics At Home!

There's no better way to introduce Baseball to kids than by having them play! Our Pickup Sports Baseball Starter box has everything you need to teach them the basics. You also get baseball cards! When you have the right equipment and know how to start with fun games rather than boring drills, they're more likely going to WANT to play. 

Check out the MLB Kids Page

We're big fans of the MLB Kids page to find coloring sheets and activities for kids that can be used year-round! Print off a few at home and use them when going out to restaurants or going for a drive. From coloring, word search sheets, connect-the-dots, and team-specific activities (including learning about the fun mascots), there's something there for kids with all kinds of interests. Check it out!

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