5 Amazing Party Ideas to Make Your Toddler’s Birthday Special During COVID-19

Googling either quarantine birthday ideas for kids or trying to scope out ways to celebrate toddler birthdays during COVID is something that no parent was prepared for. After nearly a year-long haul of living during this global pandemic and potentially being forced to cancel your toddler’s birthday the prior year, I completely understand not wanting to let another milestone in your child’s life pass by without celebrating to the fullest extent.

Luckily, we now know more about the virus today, and there are fundamental steps being taken to hopefully make this pandemic a distant memory soon. But nonetheless, with this new knowledge, in conjunction with advanced technology, you can give your toddler the best birthday this year, regardless of what may be going on outside. To offer some more insight, below are some fun, Coronavirus birthday ideas for toddlers that will surely give your little one a celebration to get excited about.

1. Plan A Drive-By Party Parade

First up on this Coronavirus birthday ideas for toddlers list is organizing a drive-by party parade. This is an excellent way for all of your friends and family to experience a fun time celebrating your child's birthday, all while staying socially distinct along the way. The best part is you can make it as festive as you wish! For example, you can decorate your yard with signs and balloons, ask your drive-by guests to decorate their vehicles, and even create some drive-by gift baskets that your child can help hand out as their favorite people parade on by.

2. Set Up A Virtual Themed Party

Another trendy way to celebrate toddler birthdays during Covid is by planning a virtual themed party. For this one, you can ask your child what type of birthday theme they want to do, and you can help decorate as such to make their visions come to life. Because this is a virtual party, you can invite as many people as you want (or as much as your online meeting software holds) and still do all sorts of engaging online games that everyone can enjoy. For instance, Pickup Sports offers free live classes that the kids can partake in to get moving and even win prizes.

3. Chat with A Superhero or Princess

Think of this party idea as a special add on to your child's birthday this year, and one you will certainly not want to miss out on. Whether your child is into superheroes or princesses, you can easily schedule a Facetime or Zoom video call for them to chat with their favorite character. This can also be that much more special if you make it a surprise! For some more support, a great resource to make this happen is fairytaleyourparty.com.

 4. Host A Backyard Celebration

If you have your heart set on a traditional party, then you can still do so while staying as safe as possible, and that is by keeping the party outside. If you have a decent-sized yard or a park nearby, think about setting up a nice backyard party celebration where people can come, hang out, and stay socially distant from one another. As a parental tip, you may want to rent a porta potty for this so you can avoid people from going in and out of your home to use the bathroom. For even more precautions, perhaps invite only immediate family to your backyard party, and set up a virtual meeting for extended family to partake from home. 

5. Go on A COVID-Friendly Family Adventure

Lastly, who said you have to have a big party or stay at home to make your child's birthday an awesome one? There are so many fun things you can do as a family to make their day special, such as going to the zoo, taking a nice nature walk, heading to the local museum, creating a scavenger hunt or even going to the drive-ins with them. These are all things that you can do as a family to break away from the everyday formalities of life and give your kid a memorable birthday to look back on.

Final Thoughts – Give Them A Birthday to Remember

As a mom of two young boys myself, I know the unmeasurable struggles that parents of little ones are facing during such uncertain times. I understand that it is hard to explain to 3-7-year olds why they can't go out without a mask or why they can’t give grandma a big hug or why they can't have a real party. But even with all the chaos and limitations, something that you can opt for this year is giving your child the killer birthday party they deserve.

Overall, you may not have the ability right now to go all out as you could pre-COVID. However, with a little alteration and leveraging the quarantine birthday ideas for kids mentioned above, you can create a wonderful birthday party for your child that they will cherish. I loved surprising my 5-year-old with a fully birthday decorated room when he woke up on his birthday. He still talks about it 5 months later.

In the end, trying to celebrate toddler birthdays during COVID is not exactly easy all around, but the effort you put in is more than worth those beaming little smiles you get paid with at the end.  

This post was written by Lakshmi

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