3 Reasons Backyard Camping with Kids is Sweeter than Christmas Morning

3 Reasons Backyard Camping with Kids is Sweeter than Christmas Morning

Need a quick, cheap getaway that works for every member of the family? Then head out back and set up camp for an old-fashioned backyard camp out, customized to make it just the way you like it. There are several reasons Backyard Camping with Kids would be a blast. By the way, it doesn’t have to be about roughing it. Bottom line is: It’s all about being in the backyard and getting active with quests to cure whatever troubles you.

Your little monkeys will love this, and so will you!

Families can introduce children to the magic of nature and exercise while still holding the tether of working bathrooms, a fully stocked fridge, and the familiarity of home. Kids will love seeing the stars at night, catching fireflies, roasting marshmallows and making s’mores over a fire before snuggling into sleeping bags while still being close to the things they know. Not to mention the physical fun of it all.

#1 – Energetic Antics Before Nightfall

Backyard Camping Games for Kids

Easy Peasy Tips on Backyard Games for Kids
that Require No Planning

Squirt guns. Scavenger hunts. Red light green light. There really isn’t any better way to bond as a family than to play games outside while camping with the kiddos.

Get creative with spinning your own energy burning twists with these simple, but fun kids camping activity ideas:

  • Sleeping Bag Races with Plastic Trash Bags
  • Simon Says (Think Fitness)
  • Hopscotch in the Bush with Sticks and Rocks

Our Top Pick
Requiring Just a Little Planning

DIY Obstacle Course Tidbits to use for Camping with Kids make for great Reasons Backyard Camping with Kids are funner than Popsicle sticks.

Believe it or not, kids love challenges. And I bet you do, too. Consider some thought-provoking and thrill-seeking objects to make obstacle courses with in your very own backyard.

  • Transform Pool Noodles into arches or balance beams.
  • Dangle hula-hoops from the trees.
  • Include a finger gym about mid-way through so that the broods can take a little break to thread beads on pipe cleaners.
  • Rig orange cones across the yard.
  • Scatter Stump Steps diagonally across the yard (pieces of cut logs you can get from your local tree trimmer).

#2 – Cool Stargazing Delights

Ways to Check Out the Stars While Backyard Camping with Little Tikes

Who’s afraid of the dark? Chances are, as a parent you’ve experienced fearful discussions stemming around monsters in the dark.

Make it less scary and use your camping with kids’ opportunity to teach how to recognize the stars overhead. And at the same time, you can educate their curious minds on how the bats that fly at dusk eat their weight in mosquitoes every night.

Even little ones are mesmerized by making shadow animals on tent walls in the light of battery-operated lanterns.

Oh, and remember to give each child their own flashlight to ward away the scary things, and to light their way to the house if needed.

Our Top Pick

Set up a plastic wading pool with pillows and sleeping bags
to cuddle in while stargazing

On this one, don’t forget to add some clever songs to a playlist filled with reminders of stars and planets.

  • Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
  • Planets Song, by The Singing Walrus
  • Count Down To Blastoff, by Jack Hartmann
  • Zoom, Zoom, We’re Going to the Moon, by The Kiboomers
  • 8 Planets, by Mother Goose Club

#3 – Psst!

Don’t Forget the Grub.

Quick, Scrumptious & Easy Backyard Camping Food for Kids

You can’t have a backyard camp for kids without a camp fire. So, gather the wood, marshmallows, graham crackers, and Hershey’s chocolate. This is the one time it will be okay to have some sweet, yummy treats.

Essentially, campfire meals can be whatever you need them to be. Teaching your kids how go get creative in a simple way is key.

Have some fun putting together a couple of our all-time-favorite, yet simple recipes:

  • First Camp Night Dinner: Roasted hot dogs on sticks and Trail Mix
  • Dessert: Roast Marshmallows and Hershey’s Chocolate melted between two crisp Graham Crackers
  • Breakfast: Premixed Veggies and Eggs to place in tin foil over the campfire the next morning.

Whatever your style, and whether you’re an experienced camper, or just trying things out, backyard camping with your children is the perfect way to get your fix of fresh air and nature without the extra planning and expense of a regular camping trip.

We sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our Reasons Backyard Camping with Kids. Camping out with kids can break up your work week and make a weekend extra special by heading out to the backyard.

By the way – – looking for more ways to get active? Find a great sports curriculum and have it delivered right to your front door!

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